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René Auberjonois, our President Buchanan, passes away

We are so saddened by the passing of René Auberjonois.  A consummate professional and a delightful human being, he lit up every room he walked in.  We are grateful to have had him play President James Buchanan in 

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NY Times Obituary


Jiccarra N. Hollman talks with Amanda Melby and Joe Gruberman on the red carpet of the Twin Cities Film Festival before the screening of Raising Buchanan.



By M.V. Moorhead

But there’s wistful wit in the dialogue, and the charming Melby makes the most of it; you feel for Ruth’s economic plight, and you root for her. She has a particular rapport with the cast’s two great veterans; Walsh as the gloomily dithering father and Auberjonois as the waspish yet subtly commiserative Buchanan. Simply as a showcase for two of the best character actors of the last fifty years, Raising Buchanan deserves praise.


"Dellis’s screenplay is full of witticism, cynicism, and wisdom..."

"The story works Meg and Holly’s comedy in with Ruth’s allowing Melby to shine; even in her most depressive state, she is a hoot."

"Auberjonois, who has a long history of comedic roles and is known for his dry humor was the perfect actor to play Buchanan; he has an aristocratic way about himself that plays beautifully off Ruth, who is just a snide and snarky in her mind as she is in the real world."

“Raising Buchanan” was a highlight at the 2019 Phoenix Film Festival, full of laughter and is an excellent example of how our creative outlets can help us cope even when the situation is bad. The film plays exclusively at Harkins Scottsdale Shea."


by Ben Ragunton

"...Writer/director Dellis has managed to craft an enormously clever comedy, that had the risk of going of the rails and becoming madcap, but instead through the timely written dialogue between Ruth and Buchanan it oddly enough helps keep the movie grounded, which is also a testament to the quality of Dellis’ directing as well as the outstanding acting between Rene Auberjonois and Amanda Melby..."

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By Cody Mello-Klein  

"Dellis’ creativity and rhythm build a world worth spending time in."

"Melby’s prickly irreverence and Auberjonois’ stately stubbornness is a formula for perfect chemistry. Together, with charm and wit, they ground an otherwise ridiculous caper, digging beneath the surface to mine for emotional and thematic gold."

"It’s a testament to Dellis’ writing, and the deft, breezy work of his cast, that the plot and themes never spin out of control, except when they need to."


by Kaely Monahan and Tuesday Mahrle

"First off, this is probably one of the most original concepts for a film that I have seen it years."

"This movie did not disappoint.  It was side-splitting; just hysterical."

"This is one of those gems that you hope will get picked up."

"This is just a really fun film."



" Ruth also has some illuminating chats with a living, breathing embodiment of former President James Buchanan, played with real panache by Rene Auberjonois (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). These back-and-forths are the most entertaining in the film, as dramatically interesting as they are playful." 

"Amanda Melby plays her with deadpan quirkiness, sometimes reminding me of Tina Fey in her delivery of certain lines." 

"Raising Buchanan is the type of low-budget indie filmmaking I like to see: an oddball movie that owns its absurd premise and has some fun with it."


By Emery Snyder - @leeroy711

"This is a very well scripted and well edited quirky little adorable comedy about three money struggling women, a ventriloquists mafia and one presidential corpse. The lead, Amanda Melby gave a very endearing performance. Bits of heartfelt drama never cross over into the sappy zone. And supporting performances by M. Emmet Walsh and Rene Auberjonois were quite outstanding.

This film has a great soul and I hope it makes some more noise in the coming months. I'd like to see it get legs."

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