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Raising Buchanan | Official Trailer

The official trailer for Bruce Dellis' comedy RAISING BUCHANAN.  Starring René Auberjonois, Amanda Melby, Cathy Shim, Terence Bernie Hines, Robert Ben Garant, Jennifer Pfalzgraff, Steve Briscoe and M. Emmet Walsh.   World Premiere: Phoenix Film Festival 2019.

Produced by Joe Gruberman and Amanda Melby.

Director of Photography by Bret Kalmbach.

Trailer edited by Maggie Salmon.

Aimless Woman. Reckless Plan. Worthless President.


In suburban Phoenix, 40-year-old Ruth Kiesling (Amanda Melby) is not exactly “living the dream.” She’s a donut shop employee with anger issues. She’s got no mother, a dead brother, and a father (M. Emmet Walsh) in hospice. Her few friends include her roommates: Meg (Cathy Shim), her game-for-anything confidante since junior high; Holly (Jennifer Pfalzgraff), a somewhat level-headed janitor and amateur ventriloquist; and her probation officer, Philip Crosby (Terence Bernie Hines). 

Ruth’s only creative outlet is playing her cello in the background of a series of popular YouTube videos featuring Errol (Steve Briscoe), an egotistical ventriloquist. Errol lords over a community of loyal ventriloquists who proudly (and literally) wear their allegiance to their “art”; their dummies are strapped across their torsos like badass bandoleros. 

Ever the opportunist and desperate for money, Ruth finds herself in a position to “steal” the body of President James Buchanan (René Auberjonois). She does so, hoping to ransom him for a nice windfall –– but she’s surprised to discover that no one seems particularly interested in getting him back. Plan B (and C and D) doesn’t appear to be any more fruitful for the hapless duo, leading to dead ends involving a wealthy widow, a confused LGBT organization, and a hot-headed shipping foreman. The resolution of this increasingly dire situation will require previously untapped resourcefulness from Ruth; a demanding commitment from Crosby; her roommates Meg and Holly and a disconcerting insight into Errol’s ventriloquist horde.  

Written and Directed by Bruce Dellis.  Produced by Amanda Melby and Joe Gruberman.